Crowdsourced Peer Review For Syntheses

Welcome to SynValuate, the first resource for the crowdsourced review of published syntheses and the easy publication of unique syntheses. Do you have a literature procedure that you have been working with that you could not be happier with? Where the authors have a perfect description, accurate yield, and you just feel happy carrying out? SynValuate is your place to give the authors the kudos they deserve. Have you found a slight improvement to a literature procedure that you think others would benefit from? Again, SynValuate is your place to contribute this knowledge to the chemical community. If you find a literature procedure that simply does not work, SynValuate is your place to call it out. Finally, if you have a procedure that you do not deem worth publishing in an academic journal or patent, SynValuate lets you publish your synthesis online, opening it up for crowdsourced peer review. (And you get a quick and easy addition to your publications list)

When you are looking for a synthesis for your work, search SynValuate for it by name, molecular formula, or structure and see which routes to this material are highest rated by your peers. If you are about to carry out a literature synthesis, search for the article DOI or Author and see what people are saying about that publication, whether from the academic, patent, or online literature.